Early X Partners

"Mimics the NeoCortex"

Early X established itself as an independent non-profit organization, outside the prevue of any university, in order to insure that we can provide our partners with the best, non-competitive intellectual property asset monetization services.  We consider ourselves the “Switzerland” of intellectual property monetization – we have no inherent conflicts.

We are solely dedicated to assisting and educating our partners in our IP monetization process and the IdeaWorkx innovation training program that identifies multiple new market opportunities.

Our inaugural partner is Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), a Department of Energy in Richland, Washington. www.pnl.gov  Battelle Memorial Institute manages PNNL for the Department of Energy.


After reviewing two hundred PNNL IP assets, we focused on two: CHAMPION, an innovative software product and Aluminide, a material that transforms inexpensive metal and ceramic substrates into a stainless steel-like material.  Through our Early X Creative Problem Solving Process we identified over 100 vertical market opportunities for the two products.

We created a for-profit spin-out company - Champion Technology Company Inc. (CTCI) to license the software from Battelle Memorial Institute.  Champion is a big data analytical software that mimics the "neocortex" - it "thinks" like a human analyst.  CTCI recently closed its $540,000 seed round of funding and is focusing its initial product offerings in CyberSecurity and Financial Services.