Staying Ahead of the Challenge to Innovate


While innovation is widely believed to be the key to success in today’s economic environment, few companies have trained their leaders and employees in the principles, skills, tools, and processes needed to actually obtain innovative results. As a consequence, individual executives and employees lack the ability to creatively and systematically solve the complex problems they face every day. In addition, work teams are unable to develop the next generation of innovative products through working creatively together. As a result, organizations are unable to stay ahead of the competition and are threatened by new entrants.  


IdeaWorkx is a series of seminars and workshops specifically designed to train employees, work teams and organizations in how to generate innovative business solutions for substantial market opportunities. More specifically:

IdeaWorkx 1.0 is a seminar that trains participants in the creativity-enhancing skills, tools and processes needed to generate and execute innovative business concepts as individuals. Participants discover their own creative style and learn how to systematically increase their own creative capacity. In this seminar, individuals acquire the skills and tools required to increase the number and innovativeness of their own solutions and discover how to more effectively implement the ideas they generate.

IdeaWorkx 2.0 is a follow-on workshop that builds on the basic concepts from IdeaWorkx 1.0, and trains individuals in the advanced tools and skills required to lead others in the process of generating and executing innovative ideas as a team. Participants learn the processes, and practice the tools and skills required to facilitate a work team through the creation and implementation of innovative business ideas.  

IdeaWorkx 3.0 is a series of eight modules customized for each company. The modules include the material contained in IdeaWorkx 1.0, and are experiential, hands-on and designed to train participants in innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. However, this sequential series of onsite workshops, supplemented by periodic online sessions with individual teams, goes beyond IdeaWorkx 1.0 to walk participants through the same steps used by seasoned entrepreneurs as they develop products/services and marshal resources for ideas that are “new to market.” The goal of this series is the actual creation of new business ventures. In addition, it is designed to foster greater cross-departmental cooperation and organization-wide commitment to the strategic objectives of the company as a whole. 

For the Host Company, IdeaWorkx 3.0

1.  Inspires all employees to be more innovative in their daily work and to view themselves as important contributors to the overall value of the company,

2.  Fosters a collaborative environment where employees recognize the need and feel the freedom to work across the company’s diverse departments,

3.  Develops a proprietary process for consistently increasing the level of innovation throughout the company, and

4.  Uncovers and develops “go-to-market plans” for new market opportunities and/or new internal efficiencies.