Early X Services

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The Early X Foundation has a wide variety of tools, services and training programs designed to assist researchers, business executives, employees and MBA students in discovering and implementing new revenue opportunities for existing intellectual property. What are the Early X Services? Our ultimate goal is helping partners identify and implement new revenue opportunities through their intellectual property assets and/or the ideas generated by individual employees or employees organized as groups.

We perform this through two primary programs IdeaWorkxTM, our series of innovation workshops and training sessions, and our eXathonTM IP Discovery Process.

  1. eXathonTM Our demonstrated talent is the ability to develop several new revenue opportunities from internal intellectual property assets for our IP partners. The eXathon IP Process has repeatedly uncovered 25 to 35 new vertical market revenue opportunities for each IP asset we work with. The creation of Champion Technology Company Inc. was a direct result of this program in partnership with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Battelle Memorial Institute.

  2. IdeaWorkxTM is a series of seminars and workshops specifically designed to train employees, work teams and organizations how to generate innovative business solutions for substantial market opportunities. Innovation Leadership Symposiums have been created as 3 to 5-hour introductory events to help C-level company executives understand the value and tools available to lead and train employees and cross-discipline work groups to discover and subsequently implement new sources of revenue. Whether the participating company is or is not a technology company they benefit directly from IdeaWorkxTM.
  3. Early X also provides additional services to support companies and research laboratories. They include Market Research & Analysis, IP Asset Bundling, IP Asset M&A and IP-Based Business Strategy and Operational Execution Services. Our Early X resources have proven expertise taking dormant IP and developing the necessary strategy, team and Plan, and then executing against the Plan efficiently and effectively.

Why is the Early X Process unique

  1. Early X focuses on one mission – educate business executives, researchers and MBA’s to identify and realize optimum return on research expenditures and investments
  2. Early X marries the resources of experienced business executives with brilliant innovators and entrepreneurial MBA’s for the widest, deepest and earliest discovery of monetization opportunities
  3. Early X uses its creative problem-solving process eXathon to help educate and train individuals to be more productive employees
  4. Early X facilitates and enables the bundling of complementary IP assets from multiple sources to maximize long-term value extraction
  5. Early X discovers and executes multiple monetization opportunities (revenue streams) from a single IP Who should consider leveraging Early X resources? Government, University and Corporate Research Laboratories, Chief Technology and Information Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Human Resource Directors, Tech Transfer Officers, Intellectual Property Service Companies, Individual Researchers and Inventors, Intellectual Property Investors, and Financial Services Companies with clients holding Intellectual Property Assets. Early X is applicable to ALL companies looking to create new market opportunities by better leveraging their internal employee workforce.