The Early X Foundation Board of Directors

Early X is governed by a Board of Directors that currently provide management services at no cost to the Foundation.  The Board currently consists of 11 executives that support the Early X mission financially, serve as MBA team mentors to develop new revenue opportunities for contracted IP and are willing to leverage their personal and business networks to grow the Early X Foundation.     

Early X Partners

Early X has an existing relationship with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a $1.5 billion Dept. of Energy facility (two patents).  We are currently in discussion with several other laboratories to commence the Early X Process in 2014/2015

We will contract with other university, government, non-profit and for-profit research laboratories to discover and develop new revenue opportunities for their existing IP assets and actively market/license those assets.  Research laboratory partners will have a revenue share model with Early X based on the revenue streams developed by the Early X.

Early X “Go To Market” Business Plan Teams

The Early X Foundation has a talent pool of more than 600 MBAs trained in our Early X Discovery Process who can perform as research analysts and project managers to work with our research partners they along wit our  board members and mentors will assist partners in developing “Go To Market” plans for their IP.  This will create exciting new career opportunities for the all involved.  These MBAs have all completed specific entrepreneurship training in the Early X creative problem solving process at the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine University. 

Early X Executives

California is rich in a wide variety of business expertise and Early X has tapped into that expertise to provide support to our program and process.  The Early X Executives are successful business professionals that will serve as a “Board of Advisors” and mentor the MBA teams as they develop their IP-backed “Go To Market” business plans.  They will support the Foundation financially, with their time and business networks to help insure that the Early X “Go To Market” plans have the greatest opportunities to succeed.

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AuthorBardia Dejban